American Moslem Foundation/House of Mercy Project

  All-Muslim Cemetery and Funeral Services   

15004 SE 256th Street, Covington, WA 98042                                           

TEL: Office: (253) 638-9989; Fax: (253) 638-9989, Emergency: (206) 818-3964               

  1. HOM all-Muslim Cemetery is a religious cemetery exclusively dedicated to Muslims. It has "body preparation facilities". It has been plated and registered with the King County. Necessary permits for religious burials and services according to Islamic rituals (Sharia) have been granted to AMF by local authorities. The cemetery is functioning now and burials are being done regularly. A religious assembly hall (Ebrahim Mosque) is designed as a part of HOM All-Muslim Cemetery and approval for its building has been obtained. The building will be started as soon as the funds become available.
  1. HOM Specialized Instruction School is a religious educational institution. It consists of two buildings:

    a. School-Administration building, a 7500 square feet building with library and conference rooms

    b. Dormitory for housing out-of-state students. The capacity is for 12 students.

    The design of the building is made so that it could be used for various programs as it becomes needed in the future. One of the functions that we are pursuing now is the "Islamic Theological School in Seattle".  The civil engineering work for all the buildings have been completed. The project is extensive with far reaching positive effects for Muslim communities in America. Such an project requires extensive of financial support and the involvement of expert religious leadership. AMF does not have as yet secured adequate funding for the project in spite of the enthusiastic support of leadership in Muslim countries. Because of the importance of such institution for the future of Islam in America we shall continue persistently to look for funding and support We are hopeful and look toward the grace of God and generosity of Muslims for building such and educational center. The need for such a center is felt acutely at the present time by Muslims and American Public as well. 

Dr. Sarram's November 2013 presentation paper on the project.

Updated 12-2013 mc